10 December 2005

Coincidence ?

or maybe not..

Recently I saw the James Ivory acclaimed movie 'Howards End'...decent movie..Emma Thompson is good...nothing much for Anthony Hopkins to do though..
I havent read the book , so I dont know how the movie compares to the book...but seems that it must be lacking characterisation, which are specialities of such books I believe...

And..recently I took up reading the latest Zadie Smith - 'On Beauty' ..
Pages and pages on , I realised that its very similar to 'Howards End' !
Now..the funny thing is that Ive seen the movie 'Howards End' , while now Im reading a book which is based on the book on which the movie is made..

So , since I dont have the narrative style for reference...this book seems such a copy ! Why would anyone do that ?? I mean the plot is the same..you are just telling it in a different way..and then what do you get so much appreciated for ? for the style ? well..this might as well could be a disassertion on the original book..how can you call it a new novel ?

or is it acceptable ? seems very strange to me ...

02 December 2005

Nach Baliye

on Star One..Im really really enjoying this show..and its with relief that I see Delnaaz and Rajiv chucked out..a 4-5 rounds too late I would say..

and I do get irritated by the hosts so...they should be chucked out too..

I have a feeling that Sachin and Supriya might win this.. they are not bad..but Rajeshwari and Varun are better...more experimenting.. and Ive always liked them both...individually too.. Rajeshwari in her song 'Mukhda piya ka' ... and Varun in tele..

definitely not gonna miss the next two shows !!!

12 November 2005

Un-scheduled update

Books :

The Sea , John Banville.. picked bcos of booker .. and since its a small book..yet abandoned midway...just didnt get it...will pick it later..or not..

Mistress , Anita nair.. despite not-so-good reviews..I liked it..maybe because its set in Kerala..with which I have a special connection .. :-)

American Pastoral , Philip Roth... great book..Im slowly understanding what the phenomenon called Philip Roth is..though did not complete it...as my very picky-abt-books-wont-read-unless-very-interesting husband took it along ..

That Long Silence .. a typical Shashi Deshpande ..which Im liking a lot these days..

Brides kimono , Sujata Massey - disappointing after her earlier books that Ive read..or maybe Ive moved on ?

Currently savouring Arthur and George .. its a book :D

Movies :

Garam Masala - mindless timepass...good for some time..but irritating by the time it ends...

Mei , Meri patni aur Woh - good one time watch

Thats it ! Outta here !

20 October 2005

Its here !!

the smell...
the feeling in air...
the longing for
..freshly sprinkled grounds...
..the chilly pure mornings...
..freshly scrubbed houses...
..freshly painted houses...

joy..oh joy...the smell...the ..oh so sweet ..
so haunting smell of D i w a l i is here !

12 October 2005

Queen of Dreams...

Picked up Chitra Divakaruni's latest..'Queen of dreams'...and surprisingly Im liking it...I say surprisingly because I had a feeling I wont like it...When I started with her books, I liked her work...somewhere down the line maybe it became repititive
..maybe the way it happened with Danielle Steele..

During my college days , I started reading DS.. in my hometown there are no english novels to be found...except for the library ...and that was too insufficient for my voracious reading appetite...every bombay/pune trip I used to visit the churchgate book sellers/book lane..and get all books possible withing my spending budget...

neways....so somewhere along that time I grew out of DS...moved on...
but...Divakaruni still can capture my attention.. Im really savouring this one..

One more reason of my apprehensions might be the fact that , when I heard of Aishwarya rai being casted as the main character , I was very disappointed...How could Divakaruni let this happen...Dimple...or Dipti naval would have been perfect for such a role, I think !

How one thought twines in another...casts a shadow...clouds judgements...

29 September 2005

Book update

This month I read 2 books I really liked :

>> The binding Vine , by Shashi Deshpande
Its a very simple and small book... which starts from the middle and ends in the same way..there is no start..no end.. to all that is narrated...simply put..its beutiful..
>> The kite runner , by Khaled Hosseini
I can just imagine this one being made into a great character movie... it would be a very poignant one...I wish for it to be made !

Also..I watched a very good movie
Such a great story..such superb acting...I have increased faith in Nagesh Kukoonoor...and I hope Iqbal..and his sister keep on getting such good exposure..

These are the books..movies...that linger on in your mind...which make it difficult to read/watch another...lest the sweet aftertaste is lost..

28 September 2005


How do we decide how we should react to situations...
Im very transperant that way...My face..my voice tells it all...is it honest...or rude ..I cant decide..
I know its tough...to mask your thoughts...opinions...though Im sure wiser..what is the point expressing negativity when there is nothing you can do about it...
I need to learn..

15 September 2005

Long overdue Goa pic

and somehow apt for the oncoming Onam too ...


Despite the horrible roads...drudging traffic...not being able to wear my new trousers cos they are light coloured and the mud will puddle it..this is what makes monsoon worth in and around Pune...

13 August 2005

Mangal mangal..

Mangal mangal...mangal mangal ho......

The movie started at 1145 pm instead of 1045 pm.. long past my deep-into-dreams time... the endless reruns of Lagaan and Swades songs..the unruly crowd which I feared wouldnt let me enjoy the movie..the long waitttttt.......
It was worth it !

Rather Aamir is worth it.. his entry scene...where he walks towards the gallows and his face is panned in the noose...thats awesome ! Never before have Aamir's eyes been so powerful.. so spell-binding..
and I loved that singing group on the beautifully decorated elephant...
Amisha , Rani, Kiron Kher, Toby Stephens are good too..
the 1857 era imagery is quite endearing and realistic..

Inspite of all this the movie isnt so great...somehow its not so gripping..or maybe there is not much story to tell.. a coherent thread is lacking..
And Rahmans music is alright...didnt seem to fit the period ..except for 'Mangal mangal' ..which kept on humming in my head when I went to bed at 3 am finally...

But Aamir is great ! and thats all that matters !

and...lo and behold..tis my last day in my workplace .. and I have a weeks break before I join at the intended place...and in which Im going home...my parents place...and fully intend on gorging myself on all delicious home cooked food and lazing away to glory !

Halla bol !!!

11 August 2005

Attention Pune-ites

There is a book in wild..in Pune..
For more details check out http://www.bookcrossing.com/home ..
Im so excited to see where it goes.. !

p.s : I got a cutie-cute dress for my niece today..hope it fits her .. did I say its super cute ...it is !

08 August 2005

Weekend in a glance

>> Boo(k)ty list
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell
  • Kite Runner
  • Morality for Beautiful girls
  • Historian

(There is no other way to define happiness !)

>> Movie watch - Sehar - Nice !

>> Some formal attire shopping in anticipation of the new job !

>> Coming Friday tickets for 'The Rising' ..

05 August 2005

When will you stop asking questions...

I dont like to lie.. or hedge around...or give vague answers ..
Why do people persist in asking questions after questions..
Answering 1 or 2 questions isnt enough ???

How do I deflect..
>> 'No more questions please'
>> 'I think thats all that I can discuss'

>> 'Why do you ask' (the classic one, but not one of my favourites..since I know no one will reply saying 'bcos I am curious George(aka nosy) ! ' )
>> 'Stop It!'

None of the above satisfies me... I want one look of mine to stop them from asking any more questions...politely .

04 August 2005

Look at this

Isnt it a dream library.... I will build such a library for myself ...some day..
And..yes..this is a real one.. courtesy http://papernapkin.typepad.com/photos/mom_and_dads/index.html .. Thanks Sheryl for letting me share it..

Phoniest being I've seen..

the shark creature in Jaws 2...

01 August 2005

If only ..

it would have ended better...'If only' would have turned out to be an ok movie..

In first half of the movie..Jennifer Love Hewitt looks kinda exotic.. Paul Nichols has affected the Brit accent quite well.. the characterisation is also good enough..but..it turns into a totally cliche-ridden-hum-drum affair after the life-altering-deja-vu-esque experience that Paul has..

Why does he dies in the end ? instead of her.. I cant believe its because he loves her..why should being in love make him an easy target for death ? why is her life more important than his ? and she never even knows about it ...

He told me 'I taught him the meaning of love' .. (puke)repeat(puke).. and then died..wah wah wah
and then she cheapens it all by singing about it and smiling stupidly at the end... !! Yuck !

BookCrossing - the ideal way

n. the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be
picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

(added to the
Concise Oxford English Dictionary in August 2004)

All details at http://www.bookcrossing.com/home .. sounds fun... !
Off to hunting in Pune...


I want to visit Botswana..

28 July 2005

A Pity-Ful experience

Today morning , I went to the Provident Fund office in Pune. This is a long pending issue - when my husband moved from Mumbai to Pune , 2 years back , he (or rather the firm) had submitted a request to transfer his PF account from Mumbai to Pune . As of now we have had no intimation as to the status of this.
Visit to any government office requires a mental preparation, building of fortitude, the right mindframe of doggedness, perseverance .. I dont know how much I was prepared for it , but 'its just an enquiry...I just need to check the status ..after all its 2 years..Im sure its done already'...I thought.

The auto-wallah , on specifying the area , immediately asked if I was going to IBM , and I smiled.. it always strikes me as how these people need to ..and keep themselves updated about latest going ons.. and how he pinned me right for being a s/w professional..am I stamped or what.
Neways, once I told that no...I would be going to the PF office .. he un-hesitatingly asked me if I 'knew' someone in there..and as I replied in negative again..he recounted his story of PF woes.. wherein his PF of 22 years work with Philips is still pending. He said that those people directly ask for 10% of the payable .. and they are un-willing to even tell him the total amount he can expect. Since he used to be paid on daily wages system, he doesnt have a record of what sum it might be..
We both berated the system..and said..yeah..Surely everything is computerised and automated now , and they would have all the information at their fingertips, its just that they do not want to tell it.. etc ..etc..
But the talk had certainly damepened my spirits..
I started feeling like the grey sky outside..

I went in.. it was 1045 am ..people were still drifting in.. chatting lazily.. no sense of urgency here...I went to the enquiry section, where a person took down the PF account number I gave, wrote it on a form and re-directed me to the 3rd floor.. 13th group.. I climbed up...someone pointed me to the right section...which comprises of shelves and shelves of dusty old files..4 females sitting idly, their tables empty and clean..work completed ? or not even started ?? and...no computer in sight ! I could not believe it..though my pragmatic self mumbled that maybe I was expecting too much..and ofcourse when they say 'India Shining' they dont even know what it means ..
So here I am ..among a group of ladies...ordering for kaande-poha and chai...gossiping about yesterdays rains..and whose house was filled up...and how heart wrenching it was to hear about all this...
I intruded with my pithy little request...trying to gauge the most active and authorative among the group...who could help me.. she reluctantly rose from her place...checked a few files and said that there is no such entry... so...what does it means ? that the entry is missing..or the transfer never took place...the matter is discussed and I am informed to leave the acct number and that inquiry will be done.. 'we will need to check other records' .. how long will it take ? can I call at some number ? when can I expect an answer...no one meets my eyes...suddenly all talks go through me.. not sure..some number and name..no idea..need to check..blah blah..boom...I disappear.. Im not there anymore..in the eyes of those ladies..
and they resume their work-day .

And I indulged in some retail-therapy to forget the depressing experience...

26 July 2005

Golden words ...

Due to the flood situation in Pune and adjoining areas it has been decided that
the offices will shut down at 2PM this afternoon. It is strongly recommended
that all associates leave for their residences immediately.

25 July 2005


Check the idea out at http://contemporarylit.about.com/b/a/186033.htm
Check out the video link http://www.vidlit.com/mj/
Im not sure about my support for the book type..but its definitely ON for the G o o d C a u s e Folks !

22 July 2005

Chutti in mid-week

what do you do then ??
>> Get the various chores done
>> Clean the house
>> Cook something good

No No No.. !
you kiss hubby good-bye as he goes to office..
arrange the pillows in most comfy stack..get some munchies...open the window to the great breeze blowing..wrap yourself in the cosy cover..
and devour ' HP - The Half Blood prince ' .. start to finish in 7 hours..non-stop..
the coolest way that I could spend my day .. !

This HP certainly is more intense .. not a tear-jerker...but did moisten my eyes...
It builds up a tight anticipation for the next one.. and about how much more action packed its going to be..as Harry is almost alone now..and will be killing you-know-who ..which sure is gonna be a tough one !

20 July 2005


In progress of moving my techie posts to http://centaurtech.blogspot.com/ ..

19 July 2005

Hoax Love..

Forbidden Love..
Yesterday I started reading and completed the above book .. (While hubby dear was reading HP !)
I have been reading quite a few books about Arabic, Muslim background ..so it kind of got repetitive..but I still persisted...
It was horrifying..the murder..or rather 'honor killing' of a girl ..just because she fell in love with someone from a different religion..

The friend , Norma - whose first eye account this book is.. seemed a little selfish to me in the end..leaving the country as she did.. kept on niggling at me..
Today , I googled Norma Khouri and it seems that she is a hoax..she never lived in Jordan .. never had a friend named Dalia..!!
This was jolting.. and the more I read about it ..it figured that she is a conniving person..who has taken advantage of the fact that we believe anything about Islamic practices..how the book as a medium can be so abused.. she claimed it to be her auto-biography... !

Or is it that as she portrayed in the book.. Jordan is trying its best to protect its image as a democratic nation .. so its trying to suppress her voice ??

I cant decide...and I feel emotionally cheated .

15 July 2005

NowWhat .. OhWell

these are name of places in the novel 'Mostly Harmless' , by Douglas Adam ..
Quite funny and original (or not)..

I can come up with some more ...hows OhhShucks .. NotReally .. NoImagination :-))
SomeMore ??

14 July 2005

Thoughts >> words.. Not so easy

Today , I had a formal chat with a person .. I did not like his attitude, but I cannot pinpoint what exactly bugged me about it..

Im trying to clarify my thoughts here.. was it because he was asking me inane questions.. or was that his 'ohh..is it' look .. that one really irritated me !
After some time I just stopped responding ..I started wishing this would get over soon.. I started rolling my eyes when he wasn't looking..

Maybe I didn't put in all the efforts .. since I didn't really needed to impress .. or
maybe his demeanor totally turned me off.. how can people manage to be such turn-offs...for that time span..I just lost my will to communicate.. just stop talking..and stop being so condescending.. Jerk !!

11 July 2005


I feel so peaceful..even after having made the great decision...rather putting it on paper..I have resigned from my current employment today..and feel nothing but a feeling of tranquility envelope me..

This might be also because of the fanta-mazing-bulous R&R I had in Leela..Goa.. for the past 4 days..
All words would be inadequate in describing the classic hospitality that Leela provided... I cannot elaborate enough...you gotta experience it..
Pictures to follow..

30 June 2005

Book find..

Yesterday , during the sleepy-post-lunch time in office, I sneaked out to crossword...(ofcourse I worked late in the eve) ..spending an hour browsing the book section is much more pleasurable than looking bleary-eyed, blank-mind at the monitor and counting the minutes till you can go get a coffee...because I have this irrational logic that coffee right after lunch is not a good thing(though strictly speaking..its never that, a good thing I mean ..but paah! ).. and so I pace myself to how much time I can put between ...before I succumb...

So ..neway..at Crossword I found 2 books that I was looking for...rather anticipating ..awaiting..
  • My Name is Red , Orhan Pamuk
  • Remains of the day , Kazuo Ishiguro

I also picked a book by Hanif Kureshi.. I have read his 'Buddha of Suburbia' and liked it..its a thin book , but costliest of the three !

Also picked up 2 exorbitant tickets (150 bucks each ) for 'Sarkar' , friday evening.. and whats the excuse - Inox will be charging us more for 'Big Budget - aka Big B' movies...dont they realise they are not the only players around now...!

29 June 2005

while(!Coffee) _Panic()

  • Why did the Sysadmin cross the road? To get coffee, why else would one be outside?
  • The Ultimate office automation: Networked Coffee Machines
  • The perfect morning: coffee, surfing, and cold pizza.
  • RISING.SUN detected : (A)nother coffee, (C)old shower, (S)leep?
  • Instant Programmer: Just add caffeine
  • I'm on a low-fat, high stress diet .... coffee and fingernails.
  • if( pot.coffee == EMPTY ) { programmer->;brain = OFF };
  • hiGhEr bRAiN malFUnCtiON ... inSERt COFfEe.
  • Flow Chart : A graphic of the fastest route to the coffee machine.
  • DISCLAIMER: This mail was answered before my first coffee.
  • Deja Brew: The feeling that you've had this coffee before.
  • The Goddess Loves You! Just don't push it till she's had her coffee!
  • Just bring me my coffee, and s-l-o-w-l-y back away.
  • There is no such thing as sleep deprivation, there's only caffeine deficiency.
  • Grounds for divorce :
    1453 - Turkish law makes it legal for a woman to divorce her
    husband if he fails to provide her with her daily coffee quota.
  • Given enough coffee, I could rule the world.
  • Everybody should believe something, I believe I'll have more coffee.
  • Drink your coffee strong and black, you'll never be latte!
  • Don't laugh at the coffee. Some day you, too, may be old and weak.
  • Chocolate, men, coffee - some things are better rich.
  • A morning without coffee is like something without ... something else

28 June 2005


for someone who put me on her blogroll ... a first :-)

20 June 2005

A breath of fresh air..

Over the weekend..I read this nice book..by Amulya Malladi..
I like when a book ..or a movie has nice character buildup.. and this book has that part very nicely done.. Anjali, Prakash, Sandeep.. all are so real .. you can relate to each of them..

I even recited the story to my husband.. and struggled to explain the thoughts.. the charactererization..which you can do/see in the written word...
Books are definitely the best medium.. even movies cannot build a person..or the motive behind his actions..as good as a book can...
I used to think .. action is best left to movies...but look at Robert Ludlum... his novels can keep us gripped over all the 400, 500+ pages and how ..
Look at Harry Potter... powerful imagination at its best.. you dont need the visuals to get involved in HPs world of magic...evil...sorcery..

Oh well..
Some other Amulya Malladi books to check out :

17 June 2005

Sketch view

Tibet, Nepal , India in this brilliant , not so usual hum-drum blog - http://padyatri.blogspot.com/ .. I really loved it..

15 June 2005


Saw 'One flew over the cuckoos nest' yesterday..
The ending is blood chilling... Seems anything can be done under banner of 'righteousness' ...

14 June 2005


As I travel this vast blog world...the literary ...the critic ..I come across certain books or authors..which pique my curiosity...
I am going to list them in a new 'Explore' section on the right hand area of this page...
Lets see where it takes us..

Please share opinions about any /all of my explore topics ..

10 June 2005

Book Tag myself

Total Number of Books I Own
>> 90, which I realise is grossly inadequate to prove me as a book lover...but ive discarded a lot of them..I have become very picky about books now..I still can read anything thats available but I do not like to keep ones which dont appeal..

Last Book I Bought
>> Enduring Love, Ian McEwan

Last Book I Read
>> Exodus , by Leon Uris...this was a long pending read...

Five Books that Mean a Lot to Me
>> Thats tough..the taste and the mood keeps on changing...at various times ive been fan of various authors..if I find one book appealing ..I try to devour either the author or the subject...
currently I am enchanted with

  • Kazuo Ishiguro works- I picked up 'Unconsoled' randomly from the library and fell in love with Ishiguro's style.. I didnt finish this...but I finished 'When we were orphans' and searching for more..
  • Sujata Massey - Im not much into detective , intrigue kind of stuff , but I like her style..I read 'The Flower Master' and 'Zen Attitude'
  • Dilbert books... they never fail to make me laugh
  • Ditto for P G Wodehouse.. newts...hahahaha
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - no other book can match its simplistic tones and wealth of character...its my all time favorite..

One book you couldn't finish reading?/the most unreadable thing you've read?

>> Nine on nine - why did I buy this one.. also Five Point Someone... really .. I have no idea why this book is on bestseller chart..

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:

>> I shall be biding my time on this... The blogs at which I lurk already have done this..I shall tag it when I find someone who can be tagged...

wait I found one.. amythical@blogspot.com .. how do you convey a meme to someone ???


Today, for no reason in particular.. I remember the serial 'Kashish' .. the dashing Sudesh Beri.. the delicate Malvika ..
It was 90s .. 1991 to be precise.. we were in carefree Junior college.. how we used to discuss and dissect each word..each glance..the curving steps of the college building comes in my mind..and the hushed tones..the seriousness...the rapture..good ole days !

A smile on my face

She brought it on..

09 June 2005


I couldnt move past her honest writing .. http://thisisme2005.blogspot.com/
I also picked something from her place..

How do you react?

To Positive:
1) What do you say when someone gives you a compliment?
>> A smile and a Thank You..
2) What do you yell when you are surprised?
>> If its good surprise - WOW ! bad surprise - S*&^ !
3) Do you have a hard time thanking people for doing something kind?
>> To close people - yes..

To Negative:
1) What do you do when someone close to you hurts your feelings?
>> I tell my husband..or my mom...
>> If its my husband who has hurt me..I spill it out to him sooner or later
2) Do you lie when you think you are going to get into trouble?
>> Nope
3) When someone is yelling at you, do you end up yelling too?
>> Hmm...yeah
4) How do you react to having to stand in line for a really long time?
>> Very impatiently..unless Im mentally prepared for it..or have a book with me
5) Do you use food to cope with negative events/feelings?
>> Sometimes..Then I binge on chips and chocolates..

In the Car:
1) Have you ever had to swerve to get out of a car accident?
>> No
2) What do you do when someone cuts you off?
>> Nothing
3) Have you ever had road rage?
>> Yes
4) What do you do when someone is riding your ass?
>> Let him go ahead...if he can

1) How long does it take for you to call someone back?
>> Depends..I can procastinate if I dont want to speak to that person...
2) What is the first thing that comes out of your mouth when someone calls you on the phone, after hello?
>> Whats up !
3) Do you tell people they have something stuck in their teeth when they do?
>> I might..if I am comfortable with the person..

08 June 2005


here today : http://parentingagain.blogspot.com/ .. its so heart-wrenching..what goes on in the world..

07 June 2005


As I journey the blogger-sphere through the 'Next Blog' button on right -top of this page...
I shall link the first good one that I like..

Today we have http://kathrynmagendie.blogspot.com/ .. She is a writer blogger.. lives on a hill.. goes on walks..and spins crazy thoughts..

Irish setting

I like books by Irish authors...Maeve Binchy being my favorite...
or books set in Ireland.. dont know why....
and I also like Irish Coffee.. :-)

Kill Bill Me

You are Hattori Hanzo! The brains of the operation.
Although your advice is impeccable, you are a
closed book.

Which Kill Bill Character Are you??

06 June 2005

Movies of the week

'D' - impressed by Randeep Hooda
Kung Fu Hustle - bored at the end... too much kung-fu ??

02 June 2005

Define illiterate

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

--Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave


You might just as well say,' added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!'

"Be what you would seem to be"--or if you'd like it put more simply--"Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than
what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."'

That's the reason they're called lessons,' the Gryphon remarked: `because they lessen from day to day.'

29 May 2005

Gimme the funnny....

'Smart and Sexy comedy' is what Le Divorce was promised to be... but..at the end of 3 hours of waiting for some good laugh...some excitement..the film ends...giving nothing what it promised...I feel so cheated...

I dreamt up a better comedy last nite...but alas...i dont remember it now !

Can we find out and sue the guys who write the back cover stuff for the movie cds ???

27 May 2005

23 May 2005


can anyone guess where it is from ??

20 May 2005


Reading -
Line of Beauty - Alan Hollinghurst
Exodus - Leon Uris

Watching -
Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith

18 May 2005

Currently reading...

The Buddha of Suburbia, by Hanif Kureishi

09 May 2005


Early-nineteenth century Shanghai - backdrop of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel 'When We Were Orphans ' - The narration style is really rambling...but in a nice way...
Some more reminders of the book :
International Settlement
opium wars
child games
childhood memories

Book Listing :
Pale View of Hills (1982)
An Artist of the Floating World (1986)
The Remains of the Day (1989)
The Unconsoled (1995). - unfinished..
When We Were Orphans (2000) - check - ****

06 May 2005


I was a bit hasty in my assumption there...Blogger does allows to comment if you are not a member..its the blog-owners prerogative...so..i have it open for anyone...lets see what that brings...

Talk about brut force

I wanted to comment on blog of a dear friend and blogger wont allow me to .. unless I do a blog too...so here it is.. one more speck into the endless black hole that is 'blogs' ...tra la la