13 August 2005

Mangal mangal..

Mangal mangal...mangal mangal ho......

The movie started at 1145 pm instead of 1045 pm.. long past my deep-into-dreams time... the endless reruns of Lagaan and Swades songs..the unruly crowd which I feared wouldnt let me enjoy the movie..the long waitttttt.......
It was worth it !

Rather Aamir is worth it.. his entry scene...where he walks towards the gallows and his face is panned in the noose...thats awesome ! Never before have Aamir's eyes been so powerful.. so spell-binding..
and I loved that singing group on the beautifully decorated elephant...
Amisha , Rani, Kiron Kher, Toby Stephens are good too..
the 1857 era imagery is quite endearing and realistic..

Inspite of all this the movie isnt so great...somehow its not so gripping..or maybe there is not much story to tell.. a coherent thread is lacking..
And Rahmans music is alright...didnt seem to fit the period ..except for 'Mangal mangal' ..which kept on humming in my head when I went to bed at 3 am finally...

But Aamir is great ! and thats all that matters !

and...lo and behold..tis my last day in my workplace .. and I have a weeks break before I join at the intended place...and in which Im going home...my parents place...and fully intend on gorging myself on all delicious home cooked food and lazing away to glory !

Halla bol !!!

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