29 September 2005

Book update

This month I read 2 books I really liked :

>> The binding Vine , by Shashi Deshpande
Its a very simple and small book... which starts from the middle and ends in the same way..there is no start..no end.. to all that is narrated...simply put..its beutiful..
>> The kite runner , by Khaled Hosseini
I can just imagine this one being made into a great character movie... it would be a very poignant one...I wish for it to be made !

Also..I watched a very good movie
Such a great story..such superb acting...I have increased faith in Nagesh Kukoonoor...and I hope Iqbal..and his sister keep on getting such good exposure..

These are the books..movies...that linger on in your mind...which make it difficult to read/watch another...lest the sweet aftertaste is lost..

28 September 2005


How do we decide how we should react to situations...
Im very transperant that way...My face..my voice tells it all...is it honest...or rude ..I cant decide..
I know its tough...to mask your thoughts...opinions...though Im sure wiser..what is the point expressing negativity when there is nothing you can do about it...
I need to learn..

15 September 2005

Long overdue Goa pic

and somehow apt for the oncoming Onam too ...


Despite the horrible roads...drudging traffic...not being able to wear my new trousers cos they are light coloured and the mud will puddle it..this is what makes monsoon worth in and around Pune...