27 September 2006

Free people read freely..

'Maurice' by E M Forester is my pick for the 'Banned book Week' ..
Check here

Which is yours ??

22 September 2006

Dor...Kacchhi dor

First thing in the morning , as usual , I woke up.. checked my mails and then got on to rediff .. checking the news back home .. and since its Friday also expecting some good movie reviews.. and la and behold...find a new movie by Nagesh Kukonoor...one of the film makers I truly appreciate.. he puts so much efforts in his movies.. and his characterizations...I really admire it...take 'Teen Deewarein' , 'Iqbal' ..all great movies according to me..

and this new one...'Dor' ..the story looks good to me...and the review is all praises...I am overjoyed...thinking where and how soon can I watch this...I pass on the good review to a good friend...who happens to be a mallu... and no harm intended but whenever I talk about a good movie with a mallu (my husband for instance) , it seems that its already been a mallu movie !!

But Im not ready to believe this of a NK movie... so I accuse her and then have to eat my words... here it is .. the mallu version and the hindi version here .. how could NK do this .. Im very disappointed...