12 November 2005

Un-scheduled update

Books :

The Sea , John Banville.. picked bcos of booker .. and since its a small book..yet abandoned midway...just didnt get it...will pick it later..or not..

Mistress , Anita nair.. despite not-so-good reviews..I liked it..maybe because its set in Kerala..with which I have a special connection .. :-)

American Pastoral , Philip Roth... great book..Im slowly understanding what the phenomenon called Philip Roth is..though did not complete it...as my very picky-abt-books-wont-read-unless-very-interesting husband took it along ..

That Long Silence .. a typical Shashi Deshpande ..which Im liking a lot these days..

Brides kimono , Sujata Massey - disappointing after her earlier books that Ive read..or maybe Ive moved on ?

Currently savouring Arthur and George .. its a book :D

Movies :

Garam Masala - mindless timepass...good for some time..but irritating by the time it ends...

Mei , Meri patni aur Woh - good one time watch

Thats it ! Outta here !