19 November 2008

5 starred

Out of the 60+ odd books Ive read so far in the year and logged in Shelfari, apparently only 3 of them deserve 5 stars ..
What does that says about me ..that Im highly discerning or maybe highly stingy in giving out those stars .. ??
Anyways , the great books which deserved the 5 stars according to my self-proclaimed exalted opinion are :
Kiss of the spider woman , by Manuel Puig - I dont remember where I got the reference for this one, but I did..and I checked it out from my library and read it..
Its a very different and unique narrative style for an unlikely friendship (I think its based on real characters and events) developed between two prisoners sharing a cell, but from vastly different background and ideology and interests..the premise is interesting but made fascinating by the dialogue between the two central characters..its just great..I will try to read more by the author though I think this is his best and most well-known work..
Floating in my mother's palm , by Ursula Hegi - Hanna malter tells her life story in short snippets and each of them make you crave for more...I did read some other works by the author after this one...and though I do not remember the specifics I remember being very enamored by the book when I read it.. (does this happens to everyone or is it just me ?)
Shane , by Jack Schaefer - Recommended by some list on great Western novels and it did not disappoint. 'He rode into our valley in the summer of '89' - I am not likely to forget this opening line anytime soon..and though its a very thin book, its very powerful - giving an exact picture of the great historic western mindset..Im not sure if these are just stories or is there some reality behind it..but as a piece of fiction its a keeper..

06 November 2008

What a night - last night !

As I took the journey yesterday with millions of Americans, actually millions more across the globe, though safe and alone in my living room , I could still feel it happening...
I was part of History making event yesterday - watching the poll results come in one by one for the Presidential election , an half hour of panic around early results...which brought me back from the mundane tasks to sitting tightly in front of the tele with laptop on...
Pennsylvania called for Obama !
Ohio now..
Every pundit is saying that they dont see how Mccain can add up the numbers after this and no Republican has gone to White house without Ohio..but they are still cautious..not calling it in for Obama..
Virginia , North Caroline, Indiana too close to call..
Nail-biting wait for rest of country polls to come in..
And its 11PM EST, west coast polls close...and all the screens - CNN, FOX, MSNBC sweepingly declare Barack Obama as the 44th President Elect of United States of America !!!!
What a sight...what a moment...overwhelming !! All the tele coverage is on the Grant Park Chicago event and there are no words needed...the crowd is jubiliant..laughing ...crying...jumping...
John Mccain gives an extra-ordinarily gracious conceding speech...packs off Palin back to where she came from <grin> ..hope we never see her again !
Grant park again...and the First family arrives on the stage...I cannot even begin to imagine what must be going through their minds right now...its huge, HUGE moment for each of them..
President Barack Obama is sombre and solemn..he knows the weight of the responsibilty on his shoulders and 'though we have come this far, we have to go a lot more ahead'. ..
A quick grin flashed as he leaves the stage and my heart is full of over-flowing emotions...I know that this is not the end of the problems..
but that I have participated in this historical event..tracked it day per day..poll per poll..hoped and despaired..and seen it to its rightful culmination !! GO BARACK !!