01 August 2005

If only ..

it would have ended better...'If only' would have turned out to be an ok movie..

In first half of the movie..Jennifer Love Hewitt looks kinda exotic.. Paul Nichols has affected the Brit accent quite well.. the characterisation is also good enough..but..it turns into a totally cliche-ridden-hum-drum affair after the life-altering-deja-vu-esque experience that Paul has..

Why does he dies in the end ? instead of her.. I cant believe its because he loves her..why should being in love make him an easy target for death ? why is her life more important than his ? and she never even knows about it ...

He told me 'I taught him the meaning of love' .. (puke)repeat(puke).. and then died..wah wah wah
and then she cheapens it all by singing about it and smiling stupidly at the end... !! Yuck !


Umesh said...

"If Only". havent heard about the movie, but by the stiry line, it definitely sounds like one of those tearjerker teenage chick flicks.

Hope you and Ranju are doing great!

Take Care

Dips said...

Check http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332136/usercomments?start=20
It was promised to be a teenage chick flick yes...but with greater philosophical meaning...but I failed to understand it ;-)
Love to baby Asha and Holly..

Parii said...

I'm currently reading My Name is Red too :-) And your reading list is sooooo tempting!!! Wish I had the time!!! I can barely do two books a month :-(

Dips said...

Aekta - how are you finding 'My name is Red' .. I am sort of taking it very slowly..read 2 of Alexandar McCall in between ..
and yeah... the long list is bcos of a lull in work-area...next month onwards its gonna be tough again..