22 July 2005

Chutti in mid-week

what do you do then ??
>> Get the various chores done
>> Clean the house
>> Cook something good

No No No.. !
you kiss hubby good-bye as he goes to office..
arrange the pillows in most comfy stack..get some munchies...open the window to the great breeze blowing..wrap yourself in the cosy cover..
and devour ' HP - The Half Blood prince ' .. start to finish in 7 hours..non-stop..
the coolest way that I could spend my day .. !

This HP certainly is more intense .. not a tear-jerker...but did moisten my eyes...
It builds up a tight anticipation for the next one.. and about how much more action packed its going to be..as Harry is almost alone now..and will be killing you-know-who ..which sure is gonna be a tough one !


Umesh said...

That really is a good way to spend a day. I am not sure of the reading part tho, as I myself am not big into reading as well.

Dips said...

It is..believe me...the bestest way to spend my day.. !! And .. you would be spending your best day how.. ?