19 July 2005

Hoax Love..

Forbidden Love..
Yesterday I started reading and completed the above book .. (While hubby dear was reading HP !)
I have been reading quite a few books about Arabic, Muslim background ..so it kind of got repetitive..but I still persisted...
It was horrifying..the murder..or rather 'honor killing' of a girl ..just because she fell in love with someone from a different religion..

The friend , Norma - whose first eye account this book is.. seemed a little selfish to me in the end..leaving the country as she did.. kept on niggling at me..
Today , I googled Norma Khouri and it seems that she is a hoax..she never lived in Jordan .. never had a friend named Dalia..!!
This was jolting.. and the more I read about it ..it figured that she is a conniving person..who has taken advantage of the fact that we believe anything about Islamic practices..how the book as a medium can be so abused.. she claimed it to be her auto-biography... !

Or is it that as she portrayed in the book.. Jordan is trying its best to protect its image as a democratic nation .. so its trying to suppress her voice ??

I cant decide...and I feel emotionally cheated .

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