02 December 2005

Nach Baliye

on Star One..Im really really enjoying this show..and its with relief that I see Delnaaz and Rajiv chucked out..a 4-5 rounds too late I would say..

and I do get irritated by the hosts so...they should be chucked out too..

I have a feeling that Sachin and Supriya might win this.. they are not bad..but Rajeshwari and Varun are better...more experimenting.. and Ive always liked them both...individually too.. Rajeshwari in her song 'Mukhda piya ka' ... and Varun in tele..

definitely not gonna miss the next two shows !!!


dean2222 said...

Nach Baliye is very poor copy of Strictly Come Dancing from UK, you need to see Original version to believe it.

I happen to see one episode and my comments are follows

1)Judges are very poor.
2)It simply lacks dancing quality
3) Chorus Dancing? Why?

Dips said...

Well.. your points may all be very true..but I have the benefit of not seeing the original...and also liking it more for the human factor..than the actual dancing.. which I dont know much of !