20 June 2005

A breath of fresh air..

Over the weekend..I read this nice book..by Amulya Malladi..
I like when a book ..or a movie has nice character buildup.. and this book has that part very nicely done.. Anjali, Prakash, Sandeep.. all are so real .. you can relate to each of them..

I even recited the story to my husband.. and struggled to explain the thoughts.. the charactererization..which you can do/see in the written word...
Books are definitely the best medium.. even movies cannot build a person..or the motive behind his actions..as good as a book can...
I used to think .. action is best left to movies...but look at Robert Ludlum... his novels can keep us gripped over all the 400, 500+ pages and how ..
Look at Harry Potter... powerful imagination at its best.. you dont need the visuals to get involved in HPs world of magic...evil...sorcery..

Oh well..
Some other Amulya Malladi books to check out :

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