24 June 2005

Ballet dancing

on my wall..by Degas


Geetanjali said...

Oh Degas is one of my favourite artists as well - infact I'd Blogged abt him a while back...check it out http://geebaby.blogspot.com/2004/12/edgar-degas-1834-1917.html

I personally love his nudes - sensuality epitomised, aren't they?

Dips said...

Your post is a good one..and know what ..Ive seen some of those nudes in METs and they sure are good..
Also..i agree about hanging the nudes in the house..
Ive one beutiful framed one, and i havnt put it up yet :-(
Not that hubs is opposed..just that if someone comes in unexpectedly..shouldnt be a shocker for them ;)

Geetanjali said...

Btw adding you to my Blogroll! :-)