10 June 2005

Book Tag myself

Total Number of Books I Own
>> 90, which I realise is grossly inadequate to prove me as a book lover...but ive discarded a lot of them..I have become very picky about books now..I still can read anything thats available but I do not like to keep ones which dont appeal..

Last Book I Bought
>> Enduring Love, Ian McEwan

Last Book I Read
>> Exodus , by Leon Uris...this was a long pending read...

Five Books that Mean a Lot to Me
>> Thats tough..the taste and the mood keeps on changing...at various times ive been fan of various authors..if I find one book appealing ..I try to devour either the author or the subject...
currently I am enchanted with

  • Kazuo Ishiguro works- I picked up 'Unconsoled' randomly from the library and fell in love with Ishiguro's style.. I didnt finish this...but I finished 'When we were orphans' and searching for more..
  • Sujata Massey - Im not much into detective , intrigue kind of stuff , but I like her style..I read 'The Flower Master' and 'Zen Attitude'
  • Dilbert books... they never fail to make me laugh
  • Ditto for P G Wodehouse.. newts...hahahaha
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - no other book can match its simplistic tones and wealth of character...its my all time favorite..

One book you couldn't finish reading?/the most unreadable thing you've read?

>> Nine on nine - why did I buy this one.. also Five Point Someone... really .. I have no idea why this book is on bestseller chart..

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:

>> I shall be biding my time on this... The blogs at which I lurk already have done this..I shall tag it when I find someone who can be tagged...

wait I found one.. amythical@blogspot.com .. how do you convey a meme to someone ???


Jabberwock said...

Hey Dips,
replying to the question you posted on my blog: all you have to do is mention your "taggees" on your own meme post, and then send them emails with a link to the post, so they know they've been tagged and can refer back to your post for the format.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

but, did you join the Good People at One ??

Geetanjali said...

Hi Dips - Thanks for dropping by my Blog. Repld to your comment there...You seem to be a prolific reader!! Funny am filling out a book meme myself:-) And hey it's easy to pass on a meme - just mention the ppl you want tagged and leave them a notice on their blog or wherever!

Dips said...

Digger - Hi...actually I did... but no idea where to go from there...