09 June 2005


I couldnt move past her honest writing .. http://thisisme2005.blogspot.com/
I also picked something from her place..

How do you react?

To Positive:
1) What do you say when someone gives you a compliment?
>> A smile and a Thank You..
2) What do you yell when you are surprised?
>> If its good surprise - WOW ! bad surprise - S*&^ !
3) Do you have a hard time thanking people for doing something kind?
>> To close people - yes..

To Negative:
1) What do you do when someone close to you hurts your feelings?
>> I tell my husband..or my mom...
>> If its my husband who has hurt me..I spill it out to him sooner or later
2) Do you lie when you think you are going to get into trouble?
>> Nope
3) When someone is yelling at you, do you end up yelling too?
>> Hmm...yeah
4) How do you react to having to stand in line for a really long time?
>> Very impatiently..unless Im mentally prepared for it..or have a book with me
5) Do you use food to cope with negative events/feelings?
>> Sometimes..Then I binge on chips and chocolates..

In the Car:
1) Have you ever had to swerve to get out of a car accident?
>> No
2) What do you do when someone cuts you off?
>> Nothing
3) Have you ever had road rage?
>> Yes
4) What do you do when someone is riding your ass?
>> Let him go ahead...if he can

1) How long does it take for you to call someone back?
>> Depends..I can procastinate if I dont want to speak to that person...
2) What is the first thing that comes out of your mouth when someone calls you on the phone, after hello?
>> Whats up !
3) Do you tell people they have something stuck in their teeth when they do?
>> I might..if I am comfortable with the person..

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