30 June 2005

Book find..

Yesterday , during the sleepy-post-lunch time in office, I sneaked out to crossword...(ofcourse I worked late in the eve) ..spending an hour browsing the book section is much more pleasurable than looking bleary-eyed, blank-mind at the monitor and counting the minutes till you can go get a coffee...because I have this irrational logic that coffee right after lunch is not a good thing(though strictly speaking..its never that, a good thing I mean ..but paah! ).. and so I pace myself to how much time I can put between ...before I succumb...

So ..neway..at Crossword I found 2 books that I was looking for...rather anticipating ..awaiting..
  • My Name is Red , Orhan Pamuk
  • Remains of the day , Kazuo Ishiguro

I also picked a book by Hanif Kureshi.. I have read his 'Buddha of Suburbia' and liked it..its a thin book , but costliest of the three !

Also picked up 2 exorbitant tickets (150 bucks each ) for 'Sarkar' , friday evening.. and whats the excuse - Inox will be charging us more for 'Big Budget - aka Big B' movies...dont they realise they are not the only players around now...!


Geetanjali said...

Oh yeah it's so annoying that INOX must charge so much - though I have to admit their seats are so much more comfy! Was accustomed to reclining seats in theatres, so ESquare came as an uncomfy shock!

Gold Adlabs could have been planned better, so that it was more spacious in the lobby and the BO was more inviting, than its current drab, grey appearance!

Had BOSuburbia for MA - was such fun doing that novel! There is this other work by him I read and even saw it's film, but can't remember now it's title - what did you pick up?

Dips said...

I do agree that Inox is the best..but..I think I shall enjoy all the matinees there now :-)

I picked up 'Love in a Blue Time ' by Hanfif K.. and found it a bit heavy...atleast for Goa ..

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