30 January 2010

Jan 2010 - Book 6 - Scarpetta factor

Scarpetta Factor , by P atricia Cornwell
A tumbled mass of a book - I do not for my life recall why I ever picked this book..I am not a suspense/mystery reader in general..except for few Dennis Lehane thrillers and Mary Higgins Clarks in my previous life I do not remember being attracted to that genre all that much ! 
This is my first Scarpetta read in the series and I dont think anything can induce me to go back..
In short, a forensic scientist lady and her dysfunctional milieu cast , all extremely comptent professionals but messed up in their personal lives..flawed human beings ..set around a perfunctionary case of a jogger murdered in park linked to a disturbed heiress somehow linked to a 2nd rate actor in Hollywood and his so-called aunt ..throw in lot of technical mumbo-jumbo..forensic terminologies and you get about 500 pages of spaghetti lines..not very appetising
Rating -       4/10   
"People do not change, they are merely revealed"   Anne Enright

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