01 January 2010

Dec 2009 - Book 7 - Salt and Saffron

Salt and Saffron , by  Kamila Shamsie 
     Another story based in pakistan, another young pakistani lady - though coming back instead of going to US..and she is very interested in her family story..and what a family..the 'Dard-e-dil' (which sounds very filmy) khandaan has its roots in royalty and all the intrigue , treachery, loyalty attached to it..She expounds on many relationships , some in detail - some fleetingly..sometimes too much..
But she is very much enamored with the theory of not-quite-twins and the curse they bring upon the family..or so it's believed..and one day she learns that she is also a not-quite-twin to Mariam Apa - one whose going has left a big hole in her heart and her life..with whom she had some sort of mystic connection and who by going away made her understand so much more about herself..examine her thoughts, prejudices, social stigma..but she wont let her be obscured from the family history..and maybe she will follow the same path..understanding that that is all that matters in the end..
Rating -  6 /10
" No  one who can read, ever look at a book, even unopened on shelf, like one who cannot "  Charles Dickens

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