05 January 2010

Women Unbound Challenge

For the start of the new year , I want to post this list of books that I want to read for the Women Unbound Challenge ..
Im thinking of going all the way i.e the Suffragette level which means reading 8 feminist/women oriented books, 3 of which should be non-fiction :
My fiction projected list , which might change as needed:
  1. Maggie, a girl of the streets , by Stephen Crane
  2. The hundreth woman , by Kate Green
  3. The help, by Kathryn Sockett
  4. Trudy's promise, by Marcia Preston
  5. The darkest child, by Delores Phillips
  6. Push , by Sapphire
  7. Portrait in Sepia, by Isabel Allende
  1. When everything changed , by Gail Collins (womens history)
  2. Indira, Katherine Frank (bio)
  3. The story of a soul, by St Therese of Lisieux (auto-bio)
Will be updating the blog as I progress through it, the deadline is November 2010 - so 1 book a month should be a good target ..
Happy Reading!

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