09 February 2010

Jan 2010 - Book 7 - The Piano Man

The Piano Man, by Marcia Preston   
A 16 year old teenage killed in a car accident - that freak unexplainable accident of nature, and leaves his mom bereaving and hapless..he was her life and he is gone..she cannot forget him, keeps having imaginary but lovely conversations with him..spending nights in his room..she is unable to move on..
She comes to know of this person who got her son's heart and goes in search of him..to seek if her son's heart is being treated appropriately..she finds Mason, a gifted violinist though going thru his own personal hell - stillborn son, depressed wife and a congenital heart disease..his wife is in a 'facility' and he is playing piano in a seedy bar..they meet, clash , get together and manage to mend each others lives..
The side stories are interesting too - Claire's husband who lives her very early on in life, Nathan's girlfriend, the truck driver..very flowing and quick read..
Rating -        6/10   
"People do not change, they are merely revealed"   Anne Enright

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