17 September 2008

My literary podcasts

Being the bookworm that I am , I have a range of literary podcasts that I listen to usually when I workout :

Here they are :
This twice a week podcast features some interesting authors and chat with them..
From across the ocean, Simon Mayo and a book review panel discuss and dissect 2 books per week .Its funny to hear 'Sarah Palin' mentioned in conjunction with 'Breaking dawn' hearoine (Stephanie Meyer's book) ..It just shows how notorious she has become in such a short time..was it only the labor day weekend before which no one even knew who Sara Palin was ??
Every week Book review editor Sam Tanenhaus talks about books, authors, current best-sellers and other sundries happening in book world. Fast paced overview of the book world.
Michael Silverblat, the show's host and guiding spirit talks to established , new or emerging authors every week with particular insight on the their works..the host has his own thoughtful and philosophical style that I found a bit slow at start but really started to admire henceforth..
This podcast show introduced me to Mavis Gallant and I shall remain eternally greatful for that..
Every week , New yorker invites one of its current authors to pick and read a short story of their own liking..Both the author reading and being read reveal a lot about their works and thoughts..
A weekly conversation about whats new in the New Yorker . Touches on various current issues with the New Yorker contributing authors.
In the inimitable style of Neda Ulaby , this weekly podcast invites authors to read from and discuss their works.
I particularly liked the Bastard of Istanbul, Enchantress of Florence , An age of American self loathing and so on..
The host and studio audience hear and talk to world famous authors once a month.
Isabel Allende's interview was such a beautiful dialogue that I could just go on listening to it ...

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