25 January 2006

Hindi movies..or

names of the novels Ive read recently... such long names :

>> Chronicles of a death foretold , by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Im not so impressed..
>> Song of the Cuckoo Bird , by Amulya Malladi
Good one time read..read in one go..and it 'is' a big book..but nothing too great..
>> We need to talk about Kevin , by Lionel Shriver
Amazing !! What a way of expressing..and the end is such a shocker...and since its all in past..I thought I knew all..and just enjoying the literary fest..but..its simply a beautiful read !
>> An Artist of the Floating World , by Kazuo Ishiguro
Nice again !
>> The Inner Courtyard , by Indian Women
Okay read...


Anonymous said...

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I'll come by again.


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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

Brad Smith said...

I was searching for another blog when I came across yours. Here are some authors you might be interested in based on your reading list:

Leslie Marmon Silko
Toni Morrison
Michael Chabon
William Faulkner
James Joyce
Assia Djebar
Bhapsi Sidwa (I might be spelling this one wrong.)


Anonymous said...

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