03 January 2006

Happy New Year 2006 !!

So many blogs are giving 'year in past' for the books theyve read, I am tempted too...albeit very short one..
The right side of the blog gives me a count of 42 since May.. and Im sure I mustve read atleast 10 till then though I do not remember ..so yes...a book a week..I like that :)

Completed 2 more before the year end :

Never Let me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro .. my darling hubby sent it all the way across oceans.. I still dont know how I feel about the book.. dreadful... mind-numbing desperation .. cant define !

Book Seller in Kabul - My library owner is hard put to provide books which I read , he says I read books which his other audience doesnt.. so whenever he find some crazy book no one else touches...he hands it to me.. does that makes me crazy !

Began new year with :

A pale view of hills - Kazuo Ishiguro again.. In the end I strongly felt that the narrator and Sachiko are the same.. but I havnt found anything backing that on the google..Im left wondering..

Crash - saw this movie , really impressive portrayal about racism , stereotyping , humanity...nice.. ! I remember one dialog where a South African guy asks his friend (dawg actually) if he knows why the buses have such big windows over there.. its to humiliate the people who have to use the public transport...they can be seen by everyone.. who wouldve thunk that !

New Year trivia :
Remember the 'sorrry' by the bimbo in Salaam Namaste.. its copied from a hollywood movie 'Noises Off' .. when will this stop !

Next on reading list :
> We need to talk about Kevin , Lionel Shriver
> Lolita , Nabokov

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