05 June 2009

Book ToDos

Since ages Ive been trying to find like-minded readers, some one to share and talk about the books that I read , love , dislike and it was not happening..
Last month things started falling in place and I found a bookclub which meets every month..very near to my house too..
I also found some online reading groups which are inviting commentary, discussions all openly..
Suddenly , I find myself trying to keep track of books to read, comment upon,review upon - which is all very good but I think I might slip or not really be able to contribute..I think I need to pick 2 of them , track them and contribute to them and then maybe expand.. So Im tracking it here :
  • I shall be reading 'Motherless Brooklyn' for my book club meeting on June 16th - I have it in my hand already and I think I have next weekend to read and take some notes (which Ive never done before)
  • I want to contribute couple of reviews at The Orange Prize Project , I have asked for and recieved the membership already. First one I have in mind is 'We need to talk about Kevin' , which inspite of reading before almost 2 years still lingers on in my memory , not concretely but as a vague dream.. I might reread one of the books or pick one from the list ..Im still deciding on that..
How does everyone deals with all those different reading and review deadlines and keeps track ??

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