29 May 2009

Library Loot

After a long time I went to the Main Library here..I love going to that place ..the pillar columns at the entrance itself tell you all what is valued..there are all those book quotes which I cant resist to stop and read..every time..
Inside,  its a cool and big space with chairs to sprawl on with your individual book piles ..there are discreetly placed 'recommendations' , some 'specials' .. its like heaven for me..for any book reader..
Anyway, I usually order and call on my books to be delivered to a nearby library , which is smaller but quite convenient..So with unexpected time on hands I walked to the library today,and though I didnt mean to - I picked up 4 books and couldnt even wait/risk putting them in the online queue..I had to lug them back so far away..right now :) .. My precious loot :
The Robber Bride, by Margaret Atwood - I must confess I am not an Atwood fan, I somehow havnt 'got' her ..Ive read couple of her books..but this jacket description was too powerful ..
The Almond Picker , by Simonetta Hornby - Interesting name and book jacket description
I,The Divine , by Rabih Alameddine - Who can resist a book all in First chapters ! and Ive read and loved his narrative style in 'The Hakawati' ..this should be good..
Getting married, by Theresa Alan - My guilty pleasure - a cleverly written(hopefully) chick-lit


Vik@$ said...

nice writeup.. the picture of the main library came in my mind while reading the blog...

Linda said...

I like Robber Bride. I hope you do too!